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This site helps you to relax looking at beautiful photos...


Here you can read verses, travel descriptions and see more than 1000 photos of nature - Altai, Baikal, Siberia.

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I like to see photos and recall my past travels.
I hope that you enjoy these photos as I do.




2006. Around the Beluha (Akkem, Kucherla)
120 photos

2005. Karakolskie lakes
22 photos

2005. Horse ride near Chemal
(Cuba river; Castle of Spirits; Karakoksha cave; Lakes: Akkainskoe, Airikskie, Baiaiukskie, Veronica)
81 photos

2005. Katun and chemal rivers
24 photos

2004. "Yunost" tourist centre at Katun river
28 photos and travel notes (english)

2004. Teleckoe lake and Biya river
20 photos

2004. Near to Gorno-Altaisk
24 photos

2003. Katun river, Aia and Manjerok lakes
28 photos

2002. Cheptohan mountain
30 photos

2001. Path to lake Manjerok
20 photos

2000. Near to "Katun" tourist centre
16 photos

1999. Baburhan mountain
25 photos (english)

1999. Left bank of Katun river from Ust-Sema to Aia bridge
20 photos (english)

1998. Near the Gorno-Altaisk, Katun, Aia lake
20 photos


Baikal lake


2006. Severobaikalsk, Listvyanka
60 photos

2005. Small sea and Olkhon island
120 photos

2003. South-western Baikal
30 photos

2003. Living creatures of Baikal
18 photos


Other travels


2006. Barnaul - Kulunda - Mikhailovskoe - Rubtzovsk - Barnaul. Salt lakes, Red river
30 photos

2006. Belokuriha. Solar eclipse
16 фото

2004. Khakasia - around Abaza town, Sayan mountains
92 photos


Nature near to Novosibirsk


Botanical gardens at Academgorodok
54 photos

Ob sea
60 photos

Bugotak hills
15 photos

20 photos

Plants - close-up
94 photos

Animals, birds, insects
19 photos


Urban photos and architecture


10 photos

Sovetski district of Novosibirsk
18 photos

11 photos


About the Author


Biography and photos

My verses

My collections


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Pictures of Amineva Stella


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