Left bank of Katun river

The left bank of Katun river

Hike along the left (uninhabited) bank of Katun river from Ust-Sema village to Aja bridge, July 12-17, 1999.

Visited places you can see at map of Maiminsky rayon (area).
Ust-Sema village (that belongs to Chemal area) is at left bottom side.
Russian words "Ust-Sema" mean that small river Sema flows here into Katun.
The best way to get to Ust-Sema is by regular bus from Gorno-Altaisk.

Water of Katun has uncommon green-white or cyan-white color because of small parts of calcareous rock contained therein. There is very small amount of mosquitos (almost none) near Katun. Possible cause is that mosquito maggots can't tolerate such water.

Ust-Sema village
The rain begins
Our group at bridge over Katun
Katun near Ust-Sema after the rain
Fog around the top of mountain
Small islands at morning
Small pond near Katun
Sema flows into the Katun. Two colors of water.
Rest time
Kamushlinsky waterfall
Rocks beetle over the path
Calcareous rocks. Water erosion sometimes creates caves here...
Branchy pine-tree above Katun valley
We have found one of Taldinsky caves.
Photo by one of hike participants that had a flash bulb.
Grassy bank. Here we stopped for a night
It is pleasant to sit here and look at fast flow...
Blue flowers of chicory at a road
Violent flow at a branch of Katun...
We didn't dare to take a bath here :)
Here we have seen great number of small islands.
Some are reachable by wade.
Still branch. Water here looks like milk.